The Evolution of Counsel

Spruce Law optimizes legal services through strategic incentive alignment and subject area preeminence.


As entrepreneurs, we deliver innovative and practical solutions. Our attorneys have practiced in some of the largest and most respected global firms, corporate legal departments, and specialty law practices. We are a team of seasoned legal professionals and industry experts, with pedigrees equal to those found at traditional large firms. However, Spruce Law’s unique approach enables us to serve your needs with maximum efficiency.


We practice together at Spruce Law because we share a belief that the traditional law firm model is no longer adaptive for most clients and most engagements. You should never pay for on-the-job legal training of inexperienced lawyers. You require organized, credentialed, and highly competent counsel on which you can rely to close your business deals, review your contracts, structure your joint ventures, and resolve your litigation. We have listened to what our clients want from their law firm, and our innovative business model was designed to meet your substantive and budgetary needs.


Your primary business goals are central to our representation. Our innovative business model incentivizes our lawyers to take the time to understand your business from a 360-degree perspective so that we can appropriately scale each engagement and efficiently achieve your desired results. Whether you are looking for comprehensive representation for a large, multifaceted transaction or high-stakes litigation matter, or just need a quick answer to a simple legal question, we customize each engagement to your precise business needs.

Spruce Law’s primary service offerings are based around the core legal needs of real estate, corporate, and financial services clients.