Spruce Law’s Environmental Practice:

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Spruce Law’s attorneys perform a variety of environmental law related services for our corporate, real estate, and financial services clients:

Representative Engagements

Represented client in the negotiation of numerous cost recovery actions brought by state spill fund, wherein the parties were able to achieve a reasonable allocation of costs while maintaining a good working relationship with the state agencies.

Represented client in regulatory agency criminal investigation related to alleged NPDES violations, where the result included no criminal charges against the employer or employees and a negotiated civil penalty and consent order.

Represented a client in the purchase of a portion of a former industrial facility in New Jersey which the client intended to develop as a townhome community. New Jersey’s Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) imposes certain preconditions on the sale, transfer, or closure of industrial establishments meeting certain classifications. Additionally, New Jersey environmental laws and regulations require an opinion of a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) as an integral part of the process for establishing the requisite site remediation. As part of its services, Spruce Law retained an experienced LSRP and worked in conjunction with the LSRP on reviewing the existing environmental conditions of the property and developing a strategy to comply with the applicable laws and regulations.

Analyzed whether the seller met its remediation obligations under the applicable laws and regulations and the agreement of sale. Also analyzed the client’s potential post-closing exposure for certain remediation and construction costs under applicable laws and regulations and existing agreements.

Examined, together with the LSRP, whether the client faced any risk of vapor intrusion for the proposed new construction under existing NJDEP guidance or otherwise and determined how to most cost effectively mitigate any vapor intrusion risk.

Effectively utilized environmental insurance to fulfill any potential remediation obligations of its client. Our team used key documents found in the NJDEP database demonstrating the site’s compliance with environmental laws and regulations and leveraged its extensive contacts in the environmental insurance industry to obtain the optimal, yet affordable coverage to green-light the project.