General Counsel Plus

Spruce Law’s “General Counsel Plus” (“GC+”) Program arms your company with comprehensive legal coverage, a concierge who will serve as your primary legal contact, and the power to carefully budget and manage your legal spend.

You Need Spruce Law’s GC+ Program If:

Your legal spend is splintered, disorganized, and not optimized

You do not have enough legal work to justify a full-time, in-house general counsel but your legal needs are becoming more significant

You want to carefully budget and/or reduce your legal spend

You are in-house counsel and you are looking to centralize the majority of your legal needs with one team of experts at one firm for the core legal services required to support your company

Your company is launching a new line of business or entering into a new venture that will require significant legal assistance for a finite period of time

You want the comfort and convenience of having a trusted advisor who will help on a daily or weekly basis without the worry of unknown costs

The nature of your business requires a cross-disciplinary legal team (as opposed to ad hoc “outside” legal consulting or a single in-house attorney) to comprehensively manage your legal needs

You want to “outsource” your legal work and processes so that you and your other C-Suite executives can focus on your core business

Why Spruce Law?

Spruce Law’s corporate attorneys have held senior in-house positions with publicly traded, Fortune Global 2000 companies (including two companies in the Fortune 100), one of the world’s largest private industrial conglomerates, and several growth-stage and emerging-stage companies

Our corporate attorneys have an average of 20 years of experience

We have also practiced in some of country’s largest and most prestigious law firms

Spruce Law covers all bases: General Corporate and Business Law, Intellectual Property, Environmental Health and Safety, Real Estate, Labor and Employment, Tax, and Litigation

Spruce Law’s unique financial model enables us to serve your legal needs with maximum value and efficiency

What are the Key Advantages of Structuring a GC+ Engagement with Spruce Law?

A single point of contact that is experienced in your industry sector will be designated to you. They will take the time to get to know your business and will work “on site” at your office on a periodic or as-needed basis. Your experienced Spruce Law GC will serve as your legal concierge and will quarterback “all things legal” for your company.

As a member of a nimble, full-service firm, your Spruce Law GC will provide you with one-stop shopping to protect all aspects of your business by teaming with other experienced Spruce Law attorneys across the firm’s service areas: general corporate and business law, labor and employment, dispute resolution and litigation, intellectual property, real estate, and environmental health and safety. This will be done with a predictable cost structure for you.

On a bi-weekly (or more frequent) basis, you will receive a “dashboard” that sets forth all of the services that are being provided by Spruce Law, so that there will be no surprises at the end of the month when the invoice is received.

We will work with you to customize an engagement and billing structure that will comprehensively protect your company as it grows while simultaneously allowing you to properly budget for, and control, your legal spend.

With GC+, you will have access to a trusted business and legal advisor, on a regular basis, and at a predictable cost for your business.

"By engaging with Spruce I get a multi-disciplinary legal team managed by one attorney who works in our headquarters 1 day a week. We also carefully structured a scalable managed-services agreement, which enables me to control my company’s legal spend."

Mark T. Poston, President, Kaiserman Company