Spruce Law’s Intellectual Property Practice:

Our Value Proposition

Legal Services Optimized.

Spruce Law’s intellectual property practice is focused on identifying, developing, and executing on the creation, management, and harvesting of comprehensive intellectual property portfolios. Consistent with this focus, Spruce Law’s IP practitioners bring decades of experience and skill with all forms of intellectual property including patents, trademarks/trade dress, copyrights, and trade secrets. The scope of IP services includes IP Audits, IP program development, IP portfolio creation, management, transaction, and litigation. Working closely with our clients, we aim to develop inclusive and forward-looking IP portfolio strategies that optimize client resources to achieve intended value.

Challenging the status quo, Soruce Law’s IP practice takes a wholistic approach with its IP counseling services considering our client’s overall business needs, present and future, when recommending IP portfolio activities. Given the multi-faceted impact of IP on an enterprise, inclusive of valuation, attracting/retaining capital, and defining market presence/market share, Spruce Law’s IP practitioners integrate cross-practice resources to provide its clients with the ability to develop/harvest IP assets consistent with their business needs and to optimize the impact of recommended IP.

Representative Engagements

Conducted IP Audit for SaaS based client’s technologies and business practices to recommend comprehensive IP portfolio inclusive of patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights.

Reviewed and analyzed multiple patents of known patent troll for technology services client to provide counseling in context of IP indemnification obligations.

Reviewed innovative freight technology business services client business operations in context of developing comprehensive IP portfolio strategies for use in attracting capital investors and client valuation.

Analyzed entertainment services technology client’s trade secrets in connection with a commercial litigation asserting breach of contract and misappropriation of the trade secrets by its client.

Analyzed unauthorized use of client’s name by competitor in a sponsored advertisement search engine search in context of asserting common law trademark rights as well as developing new trademark portfolio for future possible infringers.